Oven & Cooktop Repairs

Whether it be a Gas and/or Electric ovens or cooktops that need repair, we are licenced & experienced to service both. ‘The proof is in the pudding’ as Mum’s used to say is literally an indication of whether the oven is working properly or not. Being a set & forget appliance, if the meal isn’t cooked as it should after a certain time, then there must be something wrong with either the recipe or the cooking process. After all its never the cook is it?

The most common reasons for ovens not cooking properly is a failed element, of which there are mostly 3, but as the level of sophisticated cooking in the home increases, ovens are coming equipped with more elements & functions. Thermostats going out of calibration are also another reason for poor cooking results, as well as failed oven seals and worn out hinges that don’t allow the oven door to close fully, allowing the heat to escape. All of these issues are fully repairable.

Ovens with electronic controls use sensors which are generally more reliable than thermostats, and are able to give greater control in cooking temperatures. Gas ovens give great control in setting cooking temperatures, but can have the same auxiliary parts failures as electric ovens.

Gas cooktops are also able to give great control of the cooking process and are very energy efficient. Some of the more common faults on gas cooktops are burners not igniting properly, or the flame is not maintained once lit. These are all repairable and at Brisbane Appliance Repairs, we carry a wide range of components to cater for the many different brands on the market.

The problems Electric cooktops generally have is that elements or their controls fail, indicated by having elements not being able to be turned down & staying hot, or not operating at all.

Brisbane Appliance Repairs carries a wide range of parts to enable efficient repair of most brands.