Qasair Range Hood

There is nothing better than walking into a kitchen and smelling the aroma of delicious food being prepared and cooked in the kitchen, but, there’s nothing worse than having this same smell upstairs & downstairs, and in bedrooms, bathrooms, the lounge &  home office where it can linger for hours. This is where an externally vented range hood is such a necessity as it removes cooking smells from the kitchen whilst also trapping the residues in cooking, namely grease & steam in the filters. The filters need to be cleaned either by hand washing, or in a dishwasher if recommended by the manufacturer.

Range hoods that are not able to be vented to the outside recirculate their air back into the kitchen. And so, apart from the aluminium or stainless steel filters, these also require carbon filters to be fitted. These filters need to be replace a couple of times a years to keep the Range Hood operating efficiently.  If not properly maintained there will be accumulated grease around where the filters are located. Wiping this area with paper towel is recommended on a regular basis to prevent grease building up to a point where it can drip from the Range Hood onto food being cooked on the stove below.

Range Hoods are generally trouble free as there are not many functional parts.

Basically you have light & a fan, usually multispeed. Problems with either the switch block assembly, motor speed control board or the motor itself are what can generally be wrong where testing is required to diagnose the exact problem. Other issues with ducting can occur , usually as a result of poor installation practices.

QASAIR Range Hoods have switches controlling the speed of the fan motor, and with no electronic boards or switch blocks gives greater reliability than most.

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