Washing Machines/Clothes Dryers

Washing Machine Repairs

Brisbane Appliance Repairs specialise in the repair of Fisher & Paykel washing machines and appliances in the Brisbane area, but also service most brands of appliances. Following the tips below could prevent a service call being made thereby not disrupting normal operation of the household routine.

The laundry is either a well utilised & functioning part of the house in that there is an uninterrupted flow of clothes through the laundry, or it is a dumping ground for clothes. Having well maintained & operating appliances can only assist in maintaining a good supply of clean clothes to the ever demanding requirements of social dress for any part of the day.


The most common fault across all brands is that there is an obstruction in the drain out process and the machine is not draining. This is usually from an item that should not be in the machine being caught in the drain pump or drain hose. A check of pockets should be made before adding clothes to the machine. Most commonly, from experience, number one on the list is bobby pins, then you have coins, safety pins, guitar plectrums, occasional neck/wrist/ankle chains, etc. Be aware of Lamb’s Wool seat covers or floor mats, these can give off excessive amount of fibres and block more than the pump. Front loading washing machines usually have an access area to clear pump blockages at the front of the machine, whereas top loading machines generally require access into the machine itself.

In front loading machines complaints of mould on the seal are very common. If you Google the subject you will get many posts from many people with many solutions across many brands. It happens. Once it is there, I have found the only complete fix is to replace the seal and then try stop this from happening in the first place by following the manufactures instructions. Black marks on clothes in top loading machines is also common and an inspection of the drum will be needed to isolate the problem.  On another page here there is advice on how to clean & maintain your washing machine by doing a Bowl Clean, this may resolve the problem prior to calling a Brisbane Appliance Repairs for assistance.

Another common machine fault is where the machine will be going out of balance on all loads. This indicates something has failed, whether it be the suspension, drive or mechanical side of the machine. Apart from the obvious faults encountered above there are technical faults that can occur which WILL require technical assistance. We strongly recommend that if your machine is beeping or showing an error code DO NOT ignore the warning as doing so can lead to further damage and greater cost in the repair of the machine. Call Brisbane Appliance Repairs to arrange a service visit and rectify the problem.


Brisbane Appliance Repairs specialise in the repair of Fisher & Paykel Dryers in the Brisbane Area, but also service most brands of appliances. The most important point in maintaining your clothes dryer is to CLEAN THE FILTER AFTER EACH LOAD. If this is not done it can lead to a dangerous build of lint INSIDE the dryer, which under the right conditions can catch fire. If under any doubt on this Brisbane Appliance Repairs will come and dismantle the dryer, vacuum all components, reassemble & test. A very common procedure & recommended by the manufacturer.

Airflow through the machine is paramount to the efficient operation of the dryer. Ensure the vent where air is drawn into the machine, which can be either at the back or front of machine, is clear of lint & physical items that might be sucked onto it, ensure the machine is not overloaded with clothes and ensure the filter is cleaned after each load, if at all possible ensure the laundry is well ventilated to outside air. If these four points are ticked as ok then there should be no issues with drying the clothes.

Condenser dryers are becoming more mainstream now. They offer a better lint filter than the conventional dryer, better clothes management and at the top of the range, a significantly greater energy efficiency. Laundries with no or little ventilation would benefit from having a condenser dryer over a conventional dryer.

Technical problems such as the machine not starting, or the drum not turning or not heating will require technical help. Call Brisbane Appliance Repairs to arrange repairs of your clothes dryer should it encounter and issues.